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The heart, the spade,the diamond and the club...

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Re: The heart, the spade,the diamond and the club...

I assumed Jeremiah Arkham was a heart because of his intense love for his wife. Joker repeatedly notes throughout the series how obsessed Jerry is with Lisa, which is the entire motivating factor for Jeremiah's character in the second season-- it's what gets him to participate and do everything the Joker demands.

I never saw him as a good head of the asylum, anyways. He allows himself to be pushed around by the patients and caters to their destructive habits and whims and he'd rather let the asylum fall to ruin and still be his family's rather than seek corporate funding to improve the quality. Jeremiah didn't start Arkham Asylum-- it's a part of his family that was passed down to him. He just currently runs it.


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Re: The heart, the spade,the diamond and the club...

Ok, I didn't think of it that way but that works too, I guess.

Either way, the point is that this episode is very well thought out in the details, a lot more than people noticed or give credit for.
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