NEW Episode is up! Please enjoy ‘Board Games’

NEW EPISODE OF THE JOKER BLOGS. And it’s 24 minutes long. We are sincerely sorry that the wait has been too long and the lack on communication. Been through filmmaking hell and we’re glad to be back to join you. If you’re still with us, thank you. If you’re not, then we hope to win…

Series 2 Begins May 4th

OFFICIAL SERIES II PREMIERE DATE AND TIME: Saturday – 8:00 PM – May 4th, 2013 Catch up with this recap and help us out by spreading the word around your favorite social networking sites!

Change is for your Pocket

“Change is for your pocket, it’s time we go out and make America greater at any cost.” Those are the words of true leadership. Those are the words Lex Luthor promised to all Americans. Join Luthor and support him in his bid for president. We can’t afford anything less.

Answers Coming Soon!

“Do you want to know how I got these scars?” From an intense 4 week shoot and half of The Joker Blogs Series II officially filmed. We’ve got a busy week of editing and prep coming up as we ready ourselves for more filming. But the Q&A Video will be up soon as well as…

Fan Art 07-04-12

Got some fan art from Charli and Luis! Want your fan art up? Send it as an attachment to: Also…the donation button is up for those who’d like to further donate to The Joker Blogs series.   Filming is definitely underway for Series 2! This is going to be an amazing series, and very much worth…