Fan Art 07-09-13

Enjoy more art sent in by fellow fans…or send in some yourself! Email as an attachment to BTW, the Rogues Gallery is well in the works, but you have time to send your picture in! We’ll be looking for rogues until the last day of July.  

Fan Art 06-12-13

Here’s another batch of excellent fan art! Thank you Will, Henry, Sam, Amy, Samuel, Jacky and Madison for sharing it with us! As akways, if you want to share your TJB fan art with us, please email it as an attachment to:

Fan Art 11-29-12

Carved pumpkin art from Amanda and a drawing from Nicole! For some odd reason, I thought I had already put up the pumpkin carving from Amanda, as she sent it in time for Halloween. Not sure what I was thinking of, but I realized today that I hadn’t! Please forgive me, Amanda!