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“Do you want to know how I got these scars?” From an intense 4 week shoot and half of The Joker Blogs Series II officially filmed. We’ve got a busy week of editing and prep coming up as we ready ourselves for more filming. But the Q&A Video will be up soon as well as…

Fan Art 11-29-12

Carved pumpkin art from Amanda and a drawing from Nicole! For some odd reason, I thought I had already put up the pumpkin carving from Amanda, as she sent it in time for Halloween. Not sure what I was thinking of, but I realized today that I hadn’t! Please forgive me, Amanda! 

Fan Art 08-10-12

Art from Larry, ‘The Joker’ and ‘Duela’. Thank you! Want yours on the site? Send as an attachment to:

Fan Art 08-09-12

Here’s some fan art from Kevin, Kaja and Renee. Thank you! If you’d like to see your art on the site, send your artwork as an attachment to