Fan Art 06-12-13

Here’s another batch of excellent fan art! Thank you Will, Henry, Sam, Amy, Samuel, Jacky and Madison for sharing it with us! As akways, if you want to share your TJB fan art with us, please email it as an attachment to:

Series 2 Begins May 4th

OFFICIAL SERIES II PREMIERE DATE AND TIME: Saturday – 8:00 PM – May 4th, 2013 Catch up with this recap and help us out by spreading the word around your favorite social networking sites!

Change is for your Pocket

“Change is for your pocket, it’s time we go out and make America greater at any cost.” Those are the words of true leadership. Those are the words Lex Luthor promised to all Americans. Join Luthor and support him in his bid for president. We can’t afford anything less.

Final Further Evidence

Happy Valentines Day… It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen Patient 4479 and his lovely doctor. To celebrate this day of obsession, the final FURTHER EVIDENCE will be going up this Saturday the 16th. Spread the Word!