Episode Scripts – Series 1

Download the script for your favorite Joker Blogs episodes! Dialog from the scripts sometimes differs from the the actual dialog in the episode due to changes made while filming and (sometimes hilarious) improvisations of the cast. The scripts are all in PDF format and will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. Don’t worry, if you don’t already have it, it’s a FREE download right here: Adobe Reader download


Therapy Begins

Arkham Bound

Meet Steve

A Dream Come True

My Funny Valentine


An Apple a Day

Artistic Merit


Find Patient 4479

Two Cops a Clown & a Police Station

Car Trouble

Let Sleeping Dogs Lyle

Trick or Treat

Dinner With The Arkhams

Road Trip

Killing Kopski

Get Me to the Church on time

Three Minutes to Midnight

Shotgun Wedding

Home Sweet Home

16 thoughts on “Episode Scripts – Series 1

  1. Hi there! Scott didn’t send me a script for Staff Verification. It might be one of the episodes that didn’t have a truly formal script that he could put into a format for reading.

  2. Thank you all SO much for posting these scripts! I love seeing the small, but significant deviations here and there; it really makes me appreciate the talent of Scott and the others.

  3. I’m glad that these scripts are up, and I’m wondering whether you guys will be posting scripts for the Further Evidence stuff? It’ll be cool if you do.

  4. Please can you say when the next episode is going to be uploaded? Waiting so anxiously here, I am seriously biting my nails waiting for the awesome! Please, some clue? Cheers.

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