DVD’s Update and More Fan Art

As of July 20th, ALL United States DVDs will have been shipped out. After that, shipping will begin on all international DVDs. So brace yourselves, your Joker Blogs DVDs are headed your way! Also check out some new fan art we’ve received. Thanx to Amanda, Jordan and Elizabeth!

Email fan art to: Phade@thejokerblogs.com to have it included on the official Joker Blogs website!

3 thoughts on “DVD’s Update and More Fan Art

  1. Hey there. Received my DVD in the mail, but it won’t play. It loads to the main menu, and from there I can’t select anything. Tried it on 3 different DVD players, no dice. Help?

  2. Got my DVD in the mail today! Just put TJB on my shelf right next to The Dark Knight. 😉 Hugs and kisses…

    (TTAMONE: I put mine in my Macbook and just pressed the “up” key and it moved a cursor up, where an arrow appeared. Perhaps it would work the same way on a DVD player. Try pressing “up” on your remote, maybe that’ll help.)

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