Pictures From Filming Series 2

The filming has started for Series 2! Check out some pictures from the first day of filming, and let the hype begin!

9 thoughts on “Pictures From Filming Series 2

  1. Can’t wait ! When are they being posted and you should consider making a movie and/or putting the series on a DVD ! I really wanna have one and I would pay loads of money for one and I’m sure loads of others would too !

  2. They released a DVD as part of a fundraiser. If you donated 20 or so dollars, you got a copy of Series 1 on DVD. Hopefully, they do a Series 2 on DVD fundraiser too!

  3. Can’t wait too!
    And I would love to have the DVD of serie I, but sadly, I think it’s not available at the moment. Does anyone know more about that?

    • The DVD’s were a perk for a donation and are not for sale, BUT, in the future there may be another donation drive or something similar and they may become available again.

  4. I know about the donation thing it’s just that I live in England and I’m not too sure if they only accept dollars which they probably only do except dollars and is that donation still on any way ?

    • No, that particular donation drive is no longer on. You CAN still use the PayPal link and donate, but at this time they’re not doing the DVD thing with it. In the future they MAY do another similar drive, but I certainly can’t say when or if that will come to pass.

  5. I can’t wait for season two. You guys have done wonderfully with the first, and i can’t believe there aren’t more subscribers and viewers. There should be millions instead of thousands.
    Needless to say, you guys are amazing. And i only wish i’d found out about the series years ago when you had the cool valentine and donation and other things going on.
    Great job so far!

  6. You guys are the best! You can tell that the skills in directing and acting matured very fast in series one and I can’t wait to see more! Even though these videos are on YouTube, they have a movie quality to them, which gives the videos a great and entertaining feeling. I’m patiently awaiting the next videos in Series 2… Keep up the good work!

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