DVD’s are coming!

They finally arrived! There are 20 of these gigantic crates. 1,000 DVDs.  A tremendous amount of work and time went in to get to this point!  Scott McClure will be flying back home to sign these along with Andrew DeVary and then we will start mailing them out.  We will be posting a video about all the details and when to expect them.  You are all very patient!  You guys are awesome.  Thank you all!

And one other update: Everyone that donated (there was no payments, we are completely non-profit) WILL be receiving the digital download and the DVD and other perks.  I personally have a checklist of EVERYONE that did and I will be checking it off myself.  Thank you again.

4 thoughts on “DVD’s are coming!

  1. Very excited to see this! I’m a long time comic reader with the Joker being my favorite character and was very skeptical when everyone and their cousin kept recommending that I watch The Joker Blogs. I finally gave it after it became clear no one would drop it until I did, but I’m ever so glad I did. I then pressured my parents to watch it as well. My father was the one who got me into comics in the first place and was equally as skeptical as I had been so it took some doing. My folks loved it, especially my dad who gave it nothing but praise as the story unfolded. I just wanted y’all to know that you are not only impressing the current generation, but generations of comic fans. Keep up the great work!

    Amanda aka Gladrial

  2. Might be a stupid question, but these DVD’s will be available to purchase for everybody, correct? Not just the people that donated?

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