Hello everyone! We have an announcement regarding all of the Perks and Rewards!

First, all of the emails with the TJB Digital Download link have been sent out and the link will be active until June 1st, 2012. So if you haven’t downloaded your complimentary copy, please do so this month!

Second, we have emailed everyone a confirmation email about all of your perks and we need to hear back from you to confirm your name and address and reward before we ship it out to you! Please reply back at your earliest convenience!

And if you haven’t received a confirmation email for your perks and rewards, please send us an email at with your NAME and PERK and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thanks again for you generosity and support and we can’t wait to send you the DVDs and Posters!


  1. I’m glad that we are having some sign that the perks are making progress in our direction. But there’s just one thing that I hope: I hope that they got the e-mail confirming that I am who I am and the perk is my perk. I’m a little worried that when time comes to ship out all those DVD’s and posters, I won’t be on that list.

    But hey, what’s life without a risk?

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