9 thoughts on “TJB at Wizard World Austin!

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  2. Ya never know! They said “going on tour” so that means more places than just Austin! Keep an eye out!

  3. it says that they’ll be going everywhere. Austin, New Orleans, Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago (which is where I might be going), Mid-Ohio (whatever that means), and The Big Apple. So, yeah, YAY!

  4. I’m telling you…if they end up coming within six hours of my area, I’m cancelling every plan I have and finding a way to go. I wish they would announce dates soon, mainly because I’m planning a HUGE trip to Philly that might fall around the same time. 😀

  5. Yall should film it and “..have a friend thats gonna post it up on YouTUBE…”
    i’m so close to Austin like 30 mins dont got the cash to go…i should go rob some ppl to get cash….*runs out the door*

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