Medici’s Interview with The Joker Blogs

Medici’s interview with The Joker:

M: How big is the production crew on The Joker Blogs?

JB: The production crew has really grown, as do most companies, since its inception. We started out with just myself and a close friend and wrote out a timeline of where we wanted the series to go. From there we contacted a few actors and also another friend who was interested in doing a lot of artwork for us. And now we have over a dozen actors involved, moderators for the website, a graphic designer, a publicist and another dozen or so energetic and faithful fans that are always hard at work coming up with website features and ways to spread the word. And I’m glad that we can separate the tasks and that my friend and I can focus on writing which is our primary concern for making each episode worthwhile and enjoyable.

M: Do you use the character as a way to communicate certain philosophies that you might have? For example you get into some really interesting ideas about the shortness of life ‘Meet Steve’ and the role of the individual within the machine (Wild Card – BRB)

JB: Philosophy has always been a great interest for me. It’s fascinating to wonder whether man is basically good, evil or just really hungry. So yes, it has been fun to discuss personal ideas throughout the series. But I think that the Joker has always been like that since the very early comics. He plays with peoples’ heads all the time. For his own gain as well as just to see if they’ll snap. It’s very opposite of crazy. It’s scarily sane and manipulative. And that’s a wonderful place to discuss philosophy since it’s very independent. Everyone is their own person and we all have ideas and thoughts of how things work or should be. And The Joker Blogs seemed like a great place to explore those ideas.

M:Are you working on any independent material at the moment aside from The Joker Blogs?

JB: Yes, we’re working on several projects at the moment. A few different screenplays as well as another YouTube series that will allow original and very different characters. We also have a Star Wars fan-film that’s really humorous that I can’t wait to get started on.

M: How are you taking all the positive feedback recieved on youtube? Has anybody found out your identity yet?

JB: I’m very honored and amazed at how wonderful these fans have been. It took a few months to get things started and hardly anyone was watching at first. And now there’s this army that’s ready to defend and advertise and even watch the new episodes. And fortunately, the war-paint has been a very successful disguise so far. But the day will be come where we’ll be giving credit to all the actors on the Blogs and the make up will have to come off.

M: Has anybody from Warner Brothers got in contact with you after seeing The Joker Blogs?

JB: Not from Warner Brothers yet. But maybe next Valentine’s Day! There has been another big studio that watched them and has been interested which we are excited about. And of course the more this series grows, the better chance that Warner will take an interest. We’re just very happy that so many people have enjoyed the series so far. We can’t wait to see how it all ends.

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  1. Personally I think that he’s right. Scarily sane is exactly how i’d put it..I see the Joker as playing a huge chess game using real people as chess pieces and seeing how they react in different situations and/or proving points as in Ledger/joker’s portrayal. I do Like this portrayal very much and enjoy each episode and as per the little “tasks” given? well, the first Halloween when we had to give out those cards? I was out in a HarleyQuinn costume in the pouring rain getting soaked to the bone handing out dumdum pops(cuz people dont come to my house) and the cards, i even stopped cars and handed the cards out LOL it was fun as all getout and even had teens cackling like the Joker when i screamed I LOVE IT! after i handed them cards and dumdum pops…It was amazing fun besides enjoyable to watch. As for the army fan base, YES and i am truly grateful for the Joker Blogs pulling us all together like a family….It’s been fun. Lets hope it stays that way as i’m sure it will.

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